3 Ways to Sell More Boats Faster

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When I walked into the Google offices in Cambridge, MA for the Wordstream Live conference last week, I fully expected to see flying drones making deskside caramel macchiato deliveries; super-geeks writing algorithms in Sanscript on windowpanes and full body holograms of the likes of Steve Jobs or Thomas Edison walking the halls pontificating invention ideas. In fact, what I experienced was so much cooler and more useful to how we can sell more boats faster. The following are three of the most impactful things that we can all do this season to increase lead traffic, conversion and sales:

    1. We can now upload segmented eMail lists to Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns and use those to deliver targeted banner ads. Think of this as retargeting on steroids… This SEM segmentation and delivery method can allow you to retarget a brochure, inventory item, brand or even boating style to a highly qualified prospect at a fraction of the cost. And since retargeting already has one of the highest online conversion rates, imagine how much stronger the conversion rate is when we deliver product specific ads directly to engaged buyers within moments of their expressed interest in a product; in fact you don’t have to imagine, look at the chart below to see real conversion rates using this very tactic!
      eMail and RSLA conversion chart for SEM

      Source: Larry Kim, Founder Wordstream Inc. March 2016 Wordstream Live Conference.


    2. Video is one of the most powerful ways to convey your core message. The opening remarks were made by Cindy Laning (Strategic Partnerships Manager, Google) and while the core of the message was focused around leveraging mobile paid search. She drove home her main point by showing a short video that pulled on your heart strings and focused the audience’s attention to the core message: the biggest opportunity lies within its smallest moments. Her use of video, exemplifies why video is so powerful. Well produced video offers the audience an immersive visual experience which fills two of our most powerful senses: sight and sound. Further, now with user controlled 360-degree video, the video experience is highly interactive and engaging!
    3. We can now convert your search audience to prospects faster and further up the sales funnel by utilizing ad extensions and skipping over landing pages. By building highly customized contextual search ads, layered with very specific audience targeting and including ad extensions, we can provide the search audience with conversion opportunities at the search level by providing things like “click-to-call”.
      Desktop Search Conversion Funnel VS. Mobile Conversion Funnel

      Source: Larry Kim, Founder of Wordstream. March 2016 Wordstream Live presentation.

Special thanks to Command Partners, Roy Morejon, Google and all of the Wordstream team and presenters for putting on an excellent event!