7 Important Things to Remember for Your Videos

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According to ComSource, 182 million Americans watched online video and engaged in more than 39.8 billion video views during the month of September, 2012

Online video use by consumers continues to grow exponentially. Here are some tips for leveraging the power of online video for your company.

Tip #1: Keep Your Videos Short

Online video viewership drops off dramatically after 60 seconds when it comes to marketing videos. There is a time and place for longer videos once you have an engaged viewer interested in your subject matter they will watch longer length videos.

Tip #2: Be Clear With Your Message

Starting a video by delivering the bottom-line message or offer at the beginning greatly increases conversions. Videos are a great way to tell your story and engage potential clients but the key to the effectiveness of the video is to provide immediate value to the viewer.

Tip #3: Stock Video

Producing entertaining informative, compelling and effective online marketing videos can be done at a low cost by using existing footage or images or you can also buy stock video footage on line. For example has SD, HD and Web rates for buying footage. A well written narration, your company logos, still images and stock footage can all be combined to create an informative and entertaining marketing video.

Tip #4: Mobile Video Is The Future

When filming for a mobile video close ups and extreme close-ups have the most impact… Shoot close-ups most of the time but remember to film a great wide shot as well. Smart phones have made mobile video delivery more important than ever. Be sure all video campaigns can be delivered in HTML5. Videos delivered in Flash format will not be viewable from iPads and iPhones.

Tip #5: Video Analytics

Being able to measure video views, time viewed, duration viewed, traffic sources helps you understand if your video is effective reaching your target audience.

Tip #6: Always Provide an HTML Link When Uploading Your Video to YouTube

When you post on YouTube, you have the option to write a short description of your video. Always start with the link you want to drive your viewers to so you don’t miss this key opportunity.

Tip #7: Embed Your Video On Your Website

Most people post their videos on YouTube. In addition to this, make sure to always embed your video on your own website. This will increase the amount of time people spend on your website and help grow your own audience.

Video is a critical website marketing tool for driving awareness, engagement and lead conversion.

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