7 Ways Content Marketing Increases Conversion

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Content Marketing is likely one of the most important elements of your marketing plan because American buying decisions are highly influenced by the content that we interact with; therefore having a strategy that creates, curates and reaches your consumer is critical to your success. The following are 7 ways content marketing can increase your conversion and sales:

  1. Most landing pages are built for only a viewer who is at the decision-making stage of their buying journey. Typically most landing pages only offer one type of conversion opportunity (example: a product or service form or a contact this broker phone number). Adding “Content Offers” (a call to action that offers free educational information) provides conversion opportunities for audience members who are at different stages of the buying journey.
  2. Creating content (i.e. blog posts, photo galleries, whitepaper, case studies, etc.) that is applicable to your audience improves the user experience by providing them more than just products or services. Becoming more than just a retail outlet to consumers helps build longer lasting relationships which result in more sales over time.
  3. Creating relevant and engaging content improves your website’s search ranking because your site has physically more pages/posts/content and provides opportunities for consumers to share the content thereby increasing your websites network. The larger your network, the better you rank, the better you rank the more likely you will be found when a consumer is searching for products or services that you offer.
  4. Generating good quality content can have a long “shelf life” thereby making it a good marketing investment that continues to pay dividends and increase sales long after it is published.
  5. Having a well-focused content marketing strategy can help shape your brand, company culture and core value proposition. Painting a clear picture of who or what your brand is, helps to convey a more clear message about how you can help a consumer.
  6. By being a producer of information you can help shape the perception of a brand, product or service because you will be an active member of the online community who is contributing to consumer awareness. In fact, when you become a Content Marketing guru, you will develop strategies that leverage consumers to generate content on your behalf for your brand; thereby reducing the amount of content that you have to generate on your own. This engagement leads to the development of brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors help increase conversion and sales by providing your brand with a neutral third-party advocate.
  7. One of the biggest challenges in sales is nurturing leads, if a prospect isn’t ready to buy right now it is up to your sales people to continue to build that relationship. Having a great content marketing strategy can help keep a lead or prospect warm as they make their way through the buying journey.