Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a term that encapsulates a set of tactics and tools used to create and distribute relevant content, designed specifically for your audience with the intent of engaging them during their buying journey. When done correctly, this strategy provides your consumer with consistent, quality content that educates and/or entertains them. In turn, by being a thought leader, your brand will build a lasting trust bond with your audience. When combined with Inbounding you can provide conversion opportunities for your consumer to express their interest in your product or services, which you can then nurture until they are ready to buy.

Why do businesses need a content marketing strategy?

Now that consumers have unfettered access to information- thank you internet and smartphones. Consumer decision-making behavior has changed. An individual now has the ability to conduct research, compare product features, reviews, prices, and even ask their peers highly specific questions about a product or service long before they buy- making them highly educated buyers. Where does all this information come from? Some of it comes from folks in the publishing and editorial world, some from the general public, but businesses can also produce and/or facilitate the production of relevant, quality content that captures consumers interest, engages them which presents the opportunity for the business to nurture them as a prospect or lead. Because of this significant shift in the way consumers make buying decisions, traditional digital marketing tactics like PPC, email and web banners have become less effective.

Read about “Competing on Customer Journeys” a Harvard Business Journal article by David C. Edelman and Marc Singer

What are the key’s to great Content Marketing?

The two most important parts of a great content marketing strategy are, be helpful and provide relevant content to your audience. If you have taken the time to understand what your audience would find helpful you will, in turn, be creating and distributing relevant content.

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