Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Marketing is a critical component of Integrated Marketing Communications and an effective way for your business to reach a targeted consumer or business audience.

By utilizing a variety of list services, Lighthouse Media Solutions accesses lists based on specific criteria that will drive qualified consumers to your business. Our direct marketing focus would include: Direct Mail Marketing and E-Mail Marketing.

Direct Mail Marketing – Lighthouse Media Solutions has deployed more than 1 million pieces of direct mail pieces. Every campaign begins with a powerfully designed piece with a strong call to action. It is also important to have a precisely targeted list. Lighthouse Media Solutions can deliver creative strategy, copywriting, graphic design, list strategy and procurement, and we can track every call – every response – using our ad tracking system.

E-Mail Marketing – Lighthouse Media Solutions is a leading provider of web-based email marketing software for businesses and organizations. With our eye-catching email templates, custom designed pieces modeled after your site or a recent advertising campaign, list management features, email tracking and reporting, and high deliverability, Lighthouse Media Solutions makes it easy for you to communicate with prospects and customers. Direct mail can be a high profit, low cost advertising medium. Make your direct mail campaigns a hit with Lighthouse Media Solutions’ cost effective direct mail services designed to reach your target audience.

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