eMail Marketing

E-mail marketing has evolved from text only e-mails sent from a single workstation to a wide variety of skills, tools and tactics used to deliver messages through e-mail.

While there is still a time and place for direct mail marketing, e-mail marketing is in many ways its successor. The primary reasons for this is that e-mail marketing is usually considerably less expensive to create and deploy then traditional direct mail marketing. Unfortunately, this has lead to a significant increase in the volume of what is know as “junk mail” and “spam.”

The trick to making e-mail marketing work for you is getting your piece to stand out from the rest. While anyone can send e-mail marketing pieces through Constant Contact or a similar bulk mailing service, it doesn’t mean that your e-mail marketing will be effective and time well spent.

In contrast, Lighthouse Media Solutions has produced and delivered over 5,000 individual custom e-mail marketing pieces. We understand consumer behavior and we know what makes an electronic marketing piece jump off the screen.

The following are just some of the services we provide through our e-mail marketing programs:

  • Creative Design and programming of e-blasts, e-newsletters, e-magazines, digital brochures and flyers.
  • Content Creation: Our team of award winning writers can either write or assist you in creating a robust newsletter filled with content that consumers crave or can help tune up the messaging of your next promotional e-blast.
  • Tracking an analysis: Open rates, click throughs, forwards, conversions, delivery analysis.
  • Brand Recognition & Loyalty – our email marketing programs allow you to build customer relationships and reseller loyalty, acquire new customers, and provide sales support actions.
  • Education – we help you educate your current and prospective customers on your products and services, and what’s new at your company.
  • Ease of use – we manage your customer list, email design and creative development, copy writing, and reporting.

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