Facebook and Your Privacy: What You Need To Know

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The recent Cambridge Analytica data breach has brought the issue of online privacy to the forefront, yet again.  Before you go deleting your Facebook account, there are a few key things to understand about the fiasco, as well as some steps you can take to check on and ensure your privacy.

First off, you can determine if your data was actually shared with Cambridge Analytica or not using Facebook’s support link here: From there you can also review and edit all websites and apps which you’ve allowed access to your Facebook account.  Additionally if you haven’t already, you can expect to see a popup in the coming weeks in your newsfeed that notifies you if you were affected, and directs you to check your settings.

If you want to see what your current privacy settings look like, there are ways to check that too.  The easiest way is to use Facebook’s Privacy Checker, which is only available through the mobile app. To access it, go to: Settings > Settings and Privacy > Privacy Shortcuts > Privacy Check-up.

You can also choose to see ALL the information Facebook has on you (which may be just a little scary) by downloading a copy of your data under your settings. You”ll then receive an email when your file is ready with a link that expires in a few days.

So what can you do to protect yourself and still enjoy all the good things Facebook has to offer (which I believe still outweigh the bad!)?  Here are a few starters:

  1. Educate Yourself.  Be aware of Facebook’s default settings and know how to change them. Understand their privacy policy as best you can, which in light of recent events, is expected to be updated and made much more user friendly in the coming months.
  2. Be Smart. Remember that anything and everything you share online has the potential to end up in the wrong hands. Common sense should still prevail when deciding what photos to share, what information to post, what apps to allow, what links you click on, etc.
  3. Clean It Up.  Every once in a while, it can’t hurt to review your newsfeed, settings, tags and likes and remove anything that you may have second thoughts about. After all, most of us are a lot older (and hopefully wiser) since Facebook started way back in 2004!

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