Questions & Answers: Brian Bugler, Clarke New England

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Brian Bugler is Digital Marketing & Events Manager for Clarke New England, with showrooms in Milford, Mass. and South Norwalk, Conn. As New England’s exclusive distributor for Sub-Zero, Wolf, ASKO, Best, Scotsman, KWC, Waterstone and Dawn, Clarke can’t sell directly to you. Once you gather your information, which can include actually trying the appliances, your Clarke consultant can refer you to an authorized retailer in your area to finalize your purchase.

Question: Why have you now decided to redesign your website?

Answer: Kitchen design and remodeling is a very visual process and our customers are looking for inspiration and information, including photographic examples and views of our products from every angle. Our website was built with earlier technology and it looked dated. We wanted to completely overhaul it to leverage more up-to-date technology to bring more visual excitement to our brand. The customer experience at Clarke is about surpassing expectations and we wanted our website to reflect that same mission.

Q: You recently hired LMS to redesign your website?
Was there a specific reason?
What are you looking to accomplish by doing so?

A: Redesigning a website is really something you want to get right the first time. We received numerous quotes from several companies and in the end these companies didn’t share our vision. Once we connected with Dave, Rusty and the team at Lighthouse they took our suggestions to heart and came up with the perfect website for us. We really felt part of the redesign and they helped to bring our vision to life using best web practices.

Q: Do you think the improvements have helped your business?

A: Since we redesigned the website, we have gotten impressive results. Not only did we see an uptick in traffic to our locations, but we also found that our bounce rate improved dramatically and, through better calls to action, we are engaging our target audience like we never have before.

Q: Since redoing your website have you seen any uptick in business?

A: The quality of our website leads has definitely improved. We believe this is a result of our site being a better refection of our mission to be a resource for our customers. As New England’s Official Sub-Zero & Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen, we have always done this at our showroom, but now our website exemplifies that mission too. It is now a place where people come to gather information on a wide range of our products and it helps to see the showroom experience and that’s the goal of the website, to drive showroom visits.

Q: How have you embraced videos in your marketing efforts?

A: We have found that videos are one of the best ways to engage our customers. There are more ways than ever to ignore traditional advertising, so we are testing alternative ways to engage customers and video is very effective.