Questions & Answers: Gail O’Rourke, White Wood Kitchens

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White Wood Kitchens is a woman-owned Cabinet and Countertop Retailer providing expert Kitchen Design, Kitchen and Bath Cabinets and Project Management Services for your new home or remodel on Cape Cod and beyond.

Question 1: Have you had clients find your company as a direct result of having an ad in one of Lighthouse Media’s magazines?

Answer 1: YES! Just yesterday one of my clients told me how she found White Wood Kitchens. She said “I was considering a kitchen remodel for a while. I drove by your location and later that week saw your ad in Home Remodeling magazine. It was my birthday and I decided today was the day!” She ripped out the ad and had it in her hand when she walked into my showroom 15 minutes later. We are now planning a full kitchen and master bath remodel for her home.

Q 2: Besides magazines and digital, what other types of marketing do you do?

A2: I advertise in about three publications a season. I use social media for additional marketing. I manage pages on Facebook, Houzz and Pinterest as well as my company website, which features my blog. I also send out newsletters sharing company information and development and periodically send releases on new products or company news. These marketing tools work for communicating with new and existing clients.

Q 3: Many companies have transitioned to digital marketing. However, your firm still runs ads in magazines, etc. What type of value do you see in using both?

A 3: Magazine advertising is a classic way to reach clients. The digital world is expanding and allowing for more advertising opportunities, however, people still love using magazines as a way to learn and keep on top of trends. Readers take their time flipping through a magazine rather than clicking through the web where they may overlook your ad. Magazines are not quite as distracting as the web, where alerts continually pop up and pages open and close much quicker.

Q 4: How is the state of the kitchen remodeling business this year?

A 4: Remodeling is on fire this year. Homeowners have financial confidence and are interested in making changes in their homes to improve their quality of life. Homeowners are also very cost-conscious; they want to be sure to get value and service at every transaction.

Q 5: Has the business changed, positively or negatively?

A 5: The industry has progressed positively. Homeowners are taking on big projects in their homes, and with the boost in advertising and marketing opportunities remodelers have new ways of communicating with existing clients as well as reaching potential new clients.