Questions & Answers: With Naomi Raiselle from GENERATIONS

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Naomi Raiselle

Naomi Raiselle

GenerationsLOGO sig_smallFounded in 2004 by husband and wife partners, Jack Brotman and Naomi Raiselle, GENERATIONS Cinemastories studio employs a team of filmmakers and videographers who are trained in the “GENERATIONS” style of filmmaking. Lighthouse Media Solutions recently chatted with Naomi Raiselle about her association with Southern New England Weddings.

Question: How long have you been with Southern New England Weddings and why have you chosen to continue advertising year after year?

Answer: We have advertised with SNEW for over 10 years. We have a wonderful relationship with our sales representative, which makes a difference. SNEW does not have attitude, always features a diversity of weddings with different ranges of style and budget. The copy is always intelligent.

Q: How would you compare Southern New England Weddings to other wedding magazines out there?

A: The focus is not just on the dress. The focus is on the entire experience, both partners, not just the bride and it is inclusive of gay weddings.

Q: Do you feel like Southern New England Weddings does a good job at reaching your target market? How so?

A: Yes, we both share the same upscale, non-pretentious and well-educated bride.

Q: What kind of response do you get from your clients after seeing your ad and editorial feature in Southern New England Weddings?

A: Having featured weddings and editorial mentions in SNEW validates GENERATIONS Cinemastories as a leader in the wedding industry.

Q: Is there anything else you would say to other business owners in the wedding industry that are considering advertising in Southern New England Weddings?

A: The entire staff is accessible. There is a direct relationship with the rep and editorial staff. Features in SNEW are always current, never the same old, tired content.