Rest Assured Marketers, Facebook Is Alive and Well

by / / Marketing Knowledge

You may have heard the rumors that thanks to Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram, Facebook is not the goliath it once was. Fret not though, Facebook lovers, this just isn’t true!

According to an article recently published on Social Media Today, the world’s largest social network is still boasting some pretty impressive numbers, especially in the last two years. Of note is the fact that 8.6 million Baby Boomers joined the network between July 2015 and December 2016, and among all age groups in the United States, the number of users grew by 18 million over that time frame. Globally, Facebook grows by a Twitter every year.

Engagement also remains high on Facebook, where 76% of American Facebook users log on daily, compared to less than half of Twitter’s user base. Another key stat for advertisers to take note of? Almost everyone who uses other social networks can also be reached on Facebook, where over 90% of Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram users have an active profile.

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