3 Ways to Improve Webpage Conversions

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  1. Build landing pages that provide the viewer multiple conversion points. Putting a single call-to-action on a page is like assuming that one size really does fit all. Increase your conversion opportunities by providing different level of conversions based on where consumers are in their buying process.
  2. Simplify the conversion form by reducing the number of fields and the size and spacing of the form. Online conversion is significantly impacted by perception of ease of use and the amount of information required. Why are you asking for an address if you never intend on mailing them anything? Don’t lose a hot conversion today for the prospect of sending a snail mail tomorrow!
  3. Frankly, if you have read this far I am impressed. 2 out of 5 website viewers will choose a video over text. In this case you didn’t have a choice. But to improve conversion include a video on your landing page that is no longer than thirty seconds