Editor’s Corner: New England Boating, November 2014

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The boat has been put away, the fishing tackle stored, the engine winterized and the summer’s boating adventures filed away for fireside reference. What’s left to do?


Lots, actually. Like you, the staff at New England Boating has no “off-season.” While filming of the TV show may be over for the year, we’re already greasing the skids for the 2015 season, with more great destinations in store. Over the winter, my co-host Parker Kelley and I will be making appearances at the Providence Boat Show in January and the New England Boat Show in February, so stop by and say hello. By the way, the current series airs on NESN through January and can also be viewed online.


Meanwhile, the Spring 2015 issue of New England Boating magazine is in full production mode as we gather photos and articles for another great lineup of stunning boating venues and fun things to see and do on the water. The Spring 2015 issue will include features on Kennebunkport and Rockland, ME; Stony Creek and Candlewood Lake, CT; Wickford and Jamestown, RI; and a host of Massachusetts harbors ranging from Woods Hole to Marblehead. Also in the works are stories on fishing for sea bass, how to cook the perfect fried fish, and our new Boating Gear and Gift Guide. Now’s the chance to see your products or services featured in the issue, as ad closing is January 8.


Of course, the New England Boating website roars along at full throttle and continues to gain momentum. Over the summer we hit a milestone mark of 50,000 unique visitors, and current traffic remains 30% over the same period in 2013. By the way, banner ads on the site are available at very reasonable rates.


So you see, there’s plenty to keep us busy during the New England winter, and there’s never been a better time to climb onboard with New England Boating as we reach a growing audience of the region’s most avid boaters.


Tom Richardson


New England Boating