Three Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest

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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest

by Allison Herzog. LMS Social Media Specialist

Pinterest, which is best described as a collection of online collaborative pinboards and inspiration for fashion, weddings, crafts and recipes, has seen significant growth and change since its launch in 2010. With their user base expanding every day and their rapidly shifting demographics, it has become a platform that should not be ignored when it comes to marketing your business online. Still need convincing? Here are a few solid reasons why you need to get pinning!

  1. Three Reasons Why You Should Use PinterestThe men are coming. If you thought Pinterest was just for the ladies, new revelations from the company itself will quickly change your mind. Pinterest recently revealed that its male audience is now growing more quickly than its female one, with men accounting for one-third of all sign-ups on the site. In addition, Pinterest says it has doubled the number of active male users in the past year, meaning more men are using Pinterest in the U.S. than reading Sports Illustrated and GQ combined, according to the company.
  1. Their search feature is new and improved. Back in April, Pinterest launched two new features that greatly improved their search function. One being Guided Search and the other called Custom Categories. Custom Categories gives users more flexibility to find and curate niche topics, while Guided Search helps users discover related terms for more focused results. When you type in a search term, you are able to choose between searching pins, pinners and boards and given a slider of categories within your search term to find the most relevant information to you. According to the company, they’ve seen an increase of 25% in the use of search since this new feature launched, which means more people could be using Pinterest to search for potential purchases.
  1. The holidays bring even more action. More and more people are turning to Pinterest not only to create their holiday wish lists, but also to find great gift ideas, holiday recipes, holiday decorating ideas, etc. According to Pinterest’s company blog, there are more than 604 million holiday pins and 244 million gift-related pins currently on Pinterest. Overall, more than 65 million people are following boards with holiday or gift pin, which makes up a significant chunk of their community.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Use Pinterest